Joanne R.

On this bright summer day, I leaned back against the puffiness of the lawn swing listening to the sounds around me. I hear children chattering and playing. I sighed, my lungs filling with air, and I feel deep satisfaction and joy.

Frank A.

My Virtuous Wife (Sharon)

      Over forty-three years ago I met my loving wife.
I learned after we were married, you led a virtuous life.
      It didn’t take long to discover that you had a sheltered life,
As you came into our wedded bliss as an innocent wife.

Betsy B.

I suffered from absolute mental cruelty and sexual abuse for years from family members who were supposed to be caring for me and loving me. When I became an adult I married at a young age in order to escape my home, but only ended up experiencing the same trauma from my husband. I somehow dug up the strength to divorce my husband. After everything I had lived through I hit bottom…I was a nervous wreck.

Brandi M.


My Life Story

My life hasn’t been that easy. I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve had to take medications ever since I was two years old. I’ve also had to seek help throughout my life. My parents even had to get help dealing with me through the years. I’ve been in so much trouble with so many people before and I am not doing those things again.

Hannah J.


Hi, I am Hannah

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was in and out of my mother and step-father’s house, my grandparents’ house, foster care homes, and juvenile detention facilities. I never had time to put down any roots to speak of. People wonder why I am a little flighty. You would be too, if you never knew where you were going to sleep or who was going to provide the next meal.

Shanda M.


For the Past 16 months I have lived in an adult foster care home. When I first got there I was comfortable; I knew that I had 6 to 8 months to change my ways of how I was living. I had to regulate my emotions. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. So I started to rebel and act up in hopes of being sent to the hospital. 

Veronica D.

Writing to Emotional Recovery: Ameliorating Intense Emotions
 Veronica Daniels, MA

Conflicting emotions of deep depression, including anger, affected my life beginning in elementary school. As an only child, I felt intensely lonely and isolated. Additionally, my mother often acted out violently during her bipolar rages. My sophomore year in high school included suicidal ideation.  My father was miserable and depressed for his own reasons. Neither parent was emotionally healthy or available. I received my own diagnosis of Bipolar I disorder in my mid-thirties. An outlet for expressing my feelings needed to present itself.


Black Mood
-Veronica Daniels
Fierce. Smothering. Nothingness.
Curled tightly under fleece blanket
As if in a protective womb…
No light. Shut up! STOP!
Dull, lifeless – an intruder
In the “normal” scheme of life.
Do not disturb me.
I don’t want to bother you.
Comfort me. Please!
I’m begging you! COMFORT me!