/Galatzo Refuge Is A Go

Galatzo Refuge Is A Go

The restoration and adjustment of the building structured by the Town Corridor will be completed by the Consell de Mallorca with financing of the Economical Tourism Expense

The leader of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the isolated local clergyman for Condition, Sandra Espeja, have gone into the authoritative concession of ses Porqueres working of the Galatzó open home for its redesign and adjustment as a mountain shelter and its resulting mix into the Xarxa de Refugis de la Ruta de Pedra en Sec, overseen by the Consell. Starting the present mark, the Town Lobby concedes the isolated foundation with the authoritative concession for a long time of the selective and ordinary utilization of ses Porqueres working for the Consell to complete the works and the ensuing shelter administration.

Ses Porqueres is a gathering of structures appended to one another and different extensions, which were worked toward the start of the twentieth century for the general population domain’s farming domesticated animals misuse. This set is found 15 meters east of the principle building – les cases de possessió de Galatzó-, and has an aggregate built territory of 1,111.28 m2.

The shelter, whose change venture has been planned by the Town Lobby, will have an aggregate limit of 52 puts in the resting territory, and also a little lunch room region, a home for the individual responsible for the office’s task and a multifunctional space, notwithstanding an outside patio.

The undertaking to empower a mountain asylum for climbers in general society home of Galatzó speaks to a venture of € 1,410,683.97 from the 2017 yearly arrangement of the Supportable Tourism Assessment assets, and means to enhance, grow and encourage the entrance of the citizenship to nature, being perfect for the medium-term remain of explorers that go along the course GR-221. Accordingly, the shelter arrange in the Serra de Tramuntana is expanded, the entrance to the learning of regular and ethnological legacy is conveyed to the residents and in this way, the act of an environmental and feasible tourism is advanced. This, with a definitive objective of advancing the legacy protection.

The delegate chairman for Urban Arranging, Economy and Business, Marcos Pecos; the councilor for Trade, Common and Urban Condition and Legacy, Francisca Muñoz; the Town Corridor’s general chief of Urban Arranging, Lodging and Condition, Jaume Carbonero; the separate executive of Condition, Josep Manchado, and in addition the civil expert leaders of the Regular and Urban Condition Division, Eduardo Cózar, and the Legacy Office, Manel Calvo, went to the concession’s marking occasion.

Visit to the general population domain’s customary kitchen

Toward the finish of the marking occasion, they visited the customary kitchen that has been as of late recharged and that has opened to guests, alongside alternate offices that are open, for example, the clastra (inside yard), the tafona (oil press), the sanctuary and the greenery enclosures, among others.

The Galatzó kitchen (14 meters in length by 5.50 meters wide) is a case of a common possessió kitchen that the progression of time and its proceeded with utilize have caused various changes in its unique arrangement. Among the components that can be seen with the ongoing change are a stone sink and some frill things, for example, a pastera where the bread was plied, the storage compartment where the meat was taken care of, or normal flatware, among others.