/Report on the summer season for Palmanova and Magaluf

Report on the summer season for Palmanova and Magaluf

The leader of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, went to the question and answer session sorted out by the Hotel Association of Palmanova-Magaluf, which considered the visitor season in which have talked, notwithstanding the chairman, the leader of the Hotel Association of Palmanova-Magaluf, Sebastián Darder; the leader of the Local Police of Calvià, Justino Trenas, and the lieutenant authority of the Civil Guard fundamental post of Calvià, Eduardo Herrero.

The leader, in his discourse, has featured, among different angles, the ventures that have been executed in the district, for example, the recharging of Galió Street, and those that are arranged, for example, the fast approaching reestablishment of the sports track or Paris St. in Palmanova and the avenues of Torrenova that are pending of delicate.

He featured, then again, the goal advancement work that is being done, with exercises, for example, the association of the movement bloggers visit this end of the week or the exceptional accentuation that will be set for the current year on the MICE traditions and congresses tourism.

He has likewise alluded to the endeavors that are being made to destroy intoxication tourism, and has set the latest model with the assention that has been marked with APEAM to evade the festival of gathering water crafts.

He has likewise featured the Smart Tourism Destination venture and the Red.es speculation of 4 million euros, and in addition the political work that is being completed in the Tourist Municipalities Alliance, with the interest of imperative speculations for develop goals.